Win or Lose T-Shirt (Grey)

Win or Lose T-Shirt (Grey)


'Win or lose, not to choose - Heads I win, tails you lose.’

We all love the thrill of a gamble - The anticipation of the win mixed with the fear of loss. Whatever the gamble may be, some situations that life greets you with - regardless of what path you chose - you were always destined to lose.

The main design is situated on the back with the HMG Original logo situated on the front left chest.

The model used is 5ft10, has a 42 Inch chest and is wearing a medium sized T-Shirt.

This T-shirt is made by Continental Clothing Co. from 100% combed organic cotton with 90% reduced CO2 emissions. Continental Clothing Co. are members of the Fair Wear Foundation which is an independent, non-profit organization striving to improve working conditions in the textile industry. They also supply fully certified organic products in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standards. We provide Casual clothing, Crossfit clothing, tactical clothing, skull clothing and Airsoft clothing - or simply clothing for those who remember.

Sizing Chart

XS - Extra Small 32"-35"

S - Small 35"-38"

M - Medium 39"-42"

L - Large 43"-46"

XL - Extra Large 47" - 50"

XXL - Double Extra Large 51" - 54"

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“Sometimes one skull isn’t enough - you just need a three skull T-shirt” - W. Churchill.