Heavy Machine Gun Clothing - HMG Clothing - is a British veteran owned apparel company born out of and truly grown by the experiences of modern day Combat - and with our range of clothing and designs we set the standard for British veteran apparel and British military clothing.

Since our inception the brand has grown into more than just a veteran owned clothing company. Guided by our own experiences and not the standards of modern day political correctness we truly take a look at the horror of war - and more importantly the bravery of those who endured it in hope of a better tomorrow.

So why do we exist…

HMG Clothing exists to be the voice of the silent and to remember sacrifices otherwise forgotten.

what are our beliefs?

We still believe in Britain - because our operational experiences have given us brutal perspective of how privileged we are. We believe in sacrifice - because we have stood alongside those who still to this day sacrifice, in the hope they too will one day enjoy the privileges we all take for granted.

We believe that only by confronting the brutal realities of war, can we truly understand and be thankful of the sacrifices made on our behalf. We believe that every day we live in peace is a day we should be thankful of those sacrifices.

For us every day is a day of remembrance.
HMG Clothing — We remember.


what is our background?

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Having joined the Royal Marines at 19 and gone on to spend over a decade within the military - completing numerous operational tours in various combat roles - This is a Brand that is truly shaped by the realities of modern day warfare. Only through experiencing the hardships of our present can we make sense of the harsh lessons of our past.